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The Window and The Door

clara_anita's picture

Is it through the window
or through the door?

Do I need to merely observe
or decide to explore?

As leaving or staying
are both hard
For the concequences intertwine
like a cobweb
and I ain't wanna be trapped inside
Cause my spirit is eager to freely run

Yet still..
Is it through the window
or through the door?

Should I only gaze
or step out
and seize the day?


erick's picture

Through the door please.

.... and do not forget to knock before you enter.

One other thing,.... say "syaloom.... " 


Lord, when I have a hammer like YOU, every problem becomes a nail. =)

clara_anita's picture

Knock! and the door will be


and the door will be opened....

So, I'd better knock

I guess...





Samuel Franklyn's picture

Jesus said, "I am the door."

John 10:9 (NET)
I am the door.
If anyone enters through me,
he will be saved,
and will come in and go out,
and find pasture.

Go through the door Clara and you will find pasture.

clara_anita's picture

You can say that

You can say that again...