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The Expressions of God’s Love

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Luke 15:11-24

God’s unconditional love guarantees that He, like
the Prodigal Son’s father, is always waiting to welcome back sinners (Luke
15:20). He accepts us no matter how dirty we are from sin or how disgraced from

In The Five Love Languages, several common styles of communicating love. These
same “languages” describe some of the ways God expresses His care for us:

God's first way of expression is through
Our heavenly Father reaches out to physically reassure us
through the arms and hands of fellow believers.

Second, is quality time. We need intimacy with the Lord
in order for our relationship to grow. He is always ready to spend time with

Third, God expresses Himself through
Jesus said that He came to serve. (Mark 10:45) The Lord goes
before us to protect, provide, and guide us onto the correct path for our

Fourth, is gift giving.
"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above” (James
1:17). Each blessing in our lives is an expression of God’s care.

And the final way God expresses his love to
us is through words of encouragement.
The Scriptures are packed with
the Lord’s inspiring and encouraging messages for believers. He also sends
people into our lives to offer praise and godly counsel.

These are some of the ways God shows us His love.
In turn, we must allow His love to flow through us to others. Ultimately, we'll
discover that every person will respond to one or more of these methods of
communicating God’s love.


Lord, when I have a hammer like YOU, every problem becomes a nail. =)

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Express God's love

Yup... Erick, reading your blog give me additional strength to walk in my way that God ask me to be there (teaching poor people and share God's love to them) I just can share God's love because He has love me first, then I can share it with others... It's so beautiful.... "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me"

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me"