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The Power of Pray

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What will you do if some terrible problems happened to your life??
Do you trade on your knowledge? or your power and ability??
If I have to answer above question I will say " of course not, I'll pray"
Do you agree with me??
Okay, I'll tell you a story about the power of pray..
There are two small kids living in the small village, once upon a day they were walking home
from the church to their home, it was very long journey because they had to passed a hill from their house to the church. In the middle of the journey they were very thirsty, but where they can get some water? their house still far and it was too far also to back to the church, so they decided to take a rest below a tree. Not long, one of the kids remember what their priest had told them, when we found problem we have to pray because God has the biggest power and will help you.. So they start to pray, it was just simple pray they just said " Father in the heaven, we are so thirsty and we don't have water, please give me some water so we can continue our journey to home, thank you lord, In the nameof Jesus christ Amen " do you know what happened after they prayed? nothing happened.. but not long a man passed in front of them, he sold ice juice, he saw the kids so he came and asked them
" why you two sit at here? ''
" we so thirsty and too tired to walk home" said the kids
" oo it's easy boys, dont worry I bring a lot of Ice juice"
" but we don't have money "
" It's okay, your father has paid for you and asked me to delivered the ice to you,
So what kind of fruit do you like to drink "
" hooraay " said the kids happily
after the two kids had enjoyed the ice they continue their journey, suddenly they remember that they hadn't said thanks to the man giving them ice juice, so they turn back and looked for the man, but the man had disappeared.. and then the two kids conscious that how can their father know that they are thirsty?? how can a person sell ice juice in the middle of the mountain?? the one who know that they still thirsty just God, so who was the man selling ice juice??

God is so good, He loves us so much, He sacrifice his only beloved Son to save us, so what makes Him doesn't want to help us? we just need to pray and believe that He is bigger than any problem in the world and anything will be possible for us..